Curfew in Tonga sees drop in crime by 37%


Nuku’alofa, Tonga – In a statement by the Tonga Police on 21 April, 2020, since the lockdown curfew began on 28 March, the total reported crime has dropped by 37% .

Compared to the same time frame last year, reported offences dropped by 298, a significant decline.

Since the restrictions, 357 people were arrested for violating the curfew;  77 were arrested for drunkenness in public places; 33 arrested for illicit drugs, while 28 on domestic violence, including assault, theft and other crimes.

Most recently, as reported by the Police, 12 more arrest for illicit drugs were made on the first week of May, and 14 were arrested just last week.

This brings the total in May to 26 illicit drug related offences.

“Our mission is to support our Government, to support our Ministry of Health in keeping our citizens well and safe. We do that by educating the people, but when that approach falls on deaf ears we will enforce the extent of the law in this National Health Emergency, ” said Police Commissioner, Stephen Caldwell.

Police are continuing to work together with His Majesty’s Armed Forces and  the Tongan Fire and Emergency Services to enforce the curfew.

There has been growing concern from local business owners as to why the government continues to have a curfew when there are no known cases of COVID-19 in Tonga.

Tonga’s curfew restriction is currently now from 10pm to 5am.


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